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Description of 123erfasst

Download this app only if you already have an account at 123.

Record times and document projects - by mobile phone - for the construction.
123 captures - the mobile time tracking and performance tracking for the construction industry and for craftsmen.

This app is the mobile application for use on the site site. This app is a supplement to the 123capted system.

As a result, employees can record the handwritten record of working hours in the field or at the construction site and enable easy transfer of data to the office.
The personal working hours or working hours of a column together with performance results, possible materials, subcontractor services, etc. are entered on site in a data collection device via predetermined text modules.

All data (time, power, location, weather) are transferred to a server in real time.
123 captures the recording of working hours with times, breaks, etc.
The working hours are proposed to the employee on a project basis and allow a very quick preparation of the documents required by the authorities.
The processed data can be made available to the persons involved in the project by means of individual access authorization online.
The construction management receives up-to-date information about the number of employees with performance results as construction report.

For the entrepreneur, post costing, billing and payroll are simplified and accelerated.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports for the documentation of construction processes are created automatically. The construction diary is carried by the way and processed. It is therefore easy for you to fulfill your legal requirements regarding the Posted Workers Act (AEntG).

Whether on the construction, on assembly, or for the control of service personnel, technicians and other mobile task forces - 123erfasst.de is fast, easy and reliable.

This app uses Google Analytics for better error tracking and quality improvement.

Version history 123erfasst
New in 123erfasst III 4.45.2
Rückerfassung funktioniert wieder
New in 123erfasst III 4.45.1
Verbesserung der Stabilität
New in 123erfasst III 4.44.18
Weißer Bildschirm-Problem behoben
Problem mit doppelt erfassten Zeiten behoben
New in 123erfasst III 4.41.10
Dokumente können Geräten zugewiesen werden
New in 123erfasst III 4.40.10
- Optimierungen an der Standorterkennung
New in 123erfasst III 4.40.1
- App stürzt beim Anmelden nicht mehr ab
New in 123erfasst III 4.40.0
- Es wurden zu viele Planungen auf App angezeigt
- Teamleiterfunktion wurde korrigiert
- Rundungensintervalle werden korrekt beachtet
New in 123erfasst III 4.39.10
- Gerätevorbelegung nach Team funktionierte nicht
New in 123erfasst III 4.39.0
Die Funktion Team wurde um den Teamleiter erweitert
New in 123erfasst III 4.38.10
- Fehlerhafte Bilder aus Galerie werden nun via Platzhalter angezeigt
- Foto-Synchronisations Problematik behoben
New in 123erfasst III 4.38.0
- Fotos können jetzt auch aus der Galerie geladen werden.
- Optimierung der Planung
- Problem bei Synchronisation nach QR-Code Erkennung von Geräten behoben
- Geliehene Mitarbeiter sehen jetzt Formulare der Niederlassung
New in 123erfasst III 4.37.10
- Der Team-Tab der Geräteerfassung wurde nicht angezeigt
- Synchronisationsfehler bei Abwesenheiten
New in 123erfasst III 4.37.0
- Automatische Zeiteinstellung erzwingen wurde ignoriert
- Buchen auf standortunabhängige Tätigkeiten ohne GPS war trotz GPS-Zwang möglich
New in 123erfasst III 4.36.10
- Bei der Erfassung von Personalzeiten wurden nicht alle Geräte angezeigt
- Große Grafiken in Formularen führten zu Problemen beim Öffnen der Formularauswahl und der Formularübersicht
New in 123erfasst III 4.36.0
Neue Funktionen
- Neues Formularfeld Formel
- Neues Formularfeld Grafik
- Neues Formularfeld Tätigkeiten
- Vorbelegung der Geräteauswahl bei der Personalzeiterfassung mit den Geräten des Teams

- Bereitschaft wird an Feiertagen nicht mehr ausgeblendet
New in 123erfasst III 4.35.0
Zeitkonto V4 wurde beim Zurücksetzen der Datenbank der App nicht gelöscht
New in 123erfasst III 4.34.1
- allows forms as own tiles
- When connected to an old version of Office, errors occurred
New in 123erfasst III 4.33.10
Removing the power device in the Office did not disable the device performance input fields on the app
New in 123erfasst III 4.33.1
Uploading a large database to the 123 detected server crashed the app
New in 123erfasst III 4.32.1
Improved internal error documentation for image upload issues.
New in 123erfasst III 4.31.11
Fixed bug when loading the planning
New in 123erfasst III 4.31.0
Bug fixes:
- Forced to automatic time setting was not observed
- Date in forms skipped months, if previously chosen last day of the month
- Timesheets of staff time were recorded at night shifts and break over midnight for the wrong day
- Filter in selection tabs even when it was no longer displayed
New in 123erfasst III 4.30.1
Fixed a critical issue with bill of exchange transactions.
New in 123erfasst III 4.24.3
- Notes on closing time and logging out on the app do not overwrite previous text, but only supplement this
New in 123erfasst III 4.23.2
- In the app too many employees are displayed on a team planning
New in 123erfasst III 4.20.4
Minimum version of Android raised to Android 5
Fixed issue with the synchronization of wage types
New in 123erfasst III 4.18.6
Troubleshooting: Detected power devices were not displayed on app
New in 123erfasst III 4.16.3
- Added missing wallpaper when loading
- Camera set to German again
New in 123erfasst III 4.15.2
- Tickets can only be created for wage types that have been released for the branch or element
New in 123erfasst III 4.14.2
- Conditions for selection fields for forms
- All fields in forms can be left blank
- Forms can be saved as a draft
New in 123erfasst III 4.12.1
Forms support configurable field widths. This makes it possible to display several selection fields in one line.
New in 123erfasst III 4.9.2
Setting the celebration evening over-night bookings correctly again
New in 123erfasst III 4.7.3
Simplifying the capture of image series
Extension of the form structure with subforms
New in 123erfasst III 4.6.1
- For planning over a weekend, the planning overview shows Saturday and Sunday as "free"
- The field type "Date" in forms allows to record data in the past
- The application is no longer in the background when booking for devices
New in 123erfasst III 4.5.0
New function:
- People can be identified by QR codes

Bug fixes:
- Scheduled times are displayed again
New in 123erfasst III 4.4.1
Site sorting by distance and ID
New in 123erfasst III 4.3.0
GPS location improved
Customized presentation of forms
New in 123erfasst III 4.2.0
Improved validation of mandatory fields in forms.
New in 123erfasst III 4.1.0
* Traffic light function for forms
New in 123erfasst III 4.0.0
Signatures in forms
Traffic lights in forms
New in 123erfasst III 3.32.16
New form fields
New in 123erfasst III 3.31.34
Bugfix for device detection
New in 123erfasst III 3.31.25
Preparation for forms
New in 123erfasst III 3.30.17
Device selection using QR code / barcode performance optimizations
New in 123erfasst III 3.30.10
Device selection using QR code / barcode performance optimizations
New in 123erfasst III 3.29.62
- Bugfix for activities
New in 123erfasst III 3.29.51
- Bugfixes - Time registration indicator at activities
New in 123erfasst III 3.28.65
Performance optimization in planning Bugfix for incorrect synchronization in older versions of Office
New in 123erfasst III 3.28.64
Performance optimization in planning
New in 123erfasst III 3.28.35
Bugfix for end of workday and logoff at device booking
New in 123erfasst III 3.28.24
- Added location-independent activities
New in 123erfasst III 3.27.31
- Correct query of site rights under certain Android versions - Fixed an issue where synchronization might start too often
New in 123erfasst III 3.27.17
Plugin for GPS tracking changed
New in 123erfasst III 3.26.30
Performance improvement during synchronization Minimum accuracy for GPS tracking removed Bugfix for Backbutton Bugfix for Scheduled Devices Breaks can now be recorded when the last end time is selected Bugfix for double appearing tickets Start of construction is now considered in the construction site selection Background synchronization Bugfix for problems with photo capture
New in 123erfasst III 3.26.19
* Bugfix for strongly delayed synchronization of acquisition data (eg staff time) * Bugfix increased battery consumption * Bugfix missing plans / construction sites * Extended display of the synchronization status
New in 123erfasst III 3.25.25
Bugfix for crashes with very large planning quantities
New in 123erfasst III 3.25.22
- GPS tracking disabled during background sync
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